Top 8 Best CDN Providers

By:    Updated: February 9,2017

What is Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Having a fast loading website is key. Numerous studies have shown that the faster your site loads, the less likely people are to bounce and the more likely they are to interact with your site whether that be reading your content, adding comments or posts, or making a purchase. The problem is that regardless of how much work you do to optimize your code, images, databases, and server to maximize speed, you are at the mercy of the network between the service your site is hosted on and the end user. This may not make much of a difference if the distance is short, but if the person accessing your site is a continent away, the time it takes to load and render your website may be many times longer when compared to accessing the site locally.


A content delivery network (CDN) helps speed up your website in part by shortening the distance between the person visiting your site and the server delivering the content. Your site, or at least some of the elements of your site are distributed and cached on servers across the globe. That way, whether someone is accessing your site from Australia, China, the U.S. or the U.K., they are able to load your content from a local server instead of having to wait for it to be provided by your origin server. This can have a significant impact on load times while also reducing the strain on your hosting server. This can also save you on bandwidth costs.The following is the best CDN providers list:


Best CDN ProvidersAkamai is the leading provider of cloud services for helping enterprises provide secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere. Akamai helps enterprises around the world optimize the web experience with SaaS cloud computing solutions including web application acceleration, mobile and web performance optimization, web media delivery and content delivery network (CDN) services.


Best CDN ProvidersCDNetworks is the highest performing global CDN, offering unparalleled speed and reliability of web content and applications.

Amazon CloudFront

Best CDN ProvidersAmazon CloudFront is a content delivery web service. It integrates with other Amazon Web Services products to give developers and businesses an easy way to distribute content to end users with low latency, high data transfer speeds, and no minimum usage commitments.


Top 8 Best CDN ProvidersThe EdgeCast CDN is a distributed global network of thousands of servers built for speed, security, and scalability. A CDN enables websites to grow, handle spikes without a hitch, stream to thousands of viewers concurrently, secure their websites from attacks, and accelerate complex web applications.


Best CDN ProvidersCloudFlare designed its CDN without the legacy of the last 15 years. Their proprietary technology takes advantage of recent changes to hardware, web server technology and network routing. In other words, they've built the next-generation CDN. The result is a CDN that is easier to setup, more affordable, and performs better than any legacy CDN you've tried before.


Best CDN ProvidersCacheFly began as in 1999 as a response to the need for high quality, reliable file distribution for small software developers. Initially advertiser supported, popularity with larger developers resulted in the addition of a pay-per-use system to the business model providing ad-free downloads. Working off the success of the platform, CacheNetworks was launched in 2002 to provide a worldwide footprint for customers.

Limelight Networks

Best CDN ProvidersLimelight is a top tier CDN offering superior performance and high availability, featuring a massive network footprint, an object-based global file system that provides policy controlled cloud storage and replication, with powerful cloud-based software that enables organizations to deliver faster websites, more responsive web applications, the highest quality video for both on demand and live streaming, while operating at the scale needed to deliver software downloads and games updates to any device, mobile or fixed, anywhere in the world.


Best CDN Providers1. Pay as you go. Absolutely no commitment or hidden fees. 2. 100% SSL security. Guard your data and protect your customers. 3. Get the best coverage in America, Europe, and Asia. 4. Special plans for large customers and custom-built CDN. 5. Activate and use any data center on our global network. 6. Whether it's phone, email or chat, we're always there.

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