The Best Cheap Wireless Internet Providers

By:    Updated: February 8,2017

When looking for the best cheap Wireless Internet Providers, finding the lowest price is obviously the most important factor. All of the major types of Wireless Internet providers offer access to multiple Internet plans that range in price. Lower-priced plans typically offer slower download rates and in some cases, smaller data limits. Depending on how you use the Internet, a trade-off in speed and data may be acceptable as long as the price is right.

FreedomPop 4G

The Best Cheap Wireless Internet ProvidersFreedomPop offer extremely low prices on all of their 4G mobile broadband plans and even a generous free data plan. With their free package, you can get 1GB of data every month without paying for anything beyond the initial equipment purchase. This is an amazing deal that will be perfect for anyone who does not use the Internet frequently. Of course, it stands to reason that to get such great prices, you will have to sacrifice some speed, as FreedomPop only offers up to 8 Mbps. FreedomPop's plans also have strict data limits, which you do not want to exceed or else you will be charged extra.

NetZero 4G

The Best Cheap Wireless Internet ProvidersNetZero's 4G mobile broadband Internet also offers a free package, like FreedomPop. Their prices are a little higher and data limits more restricted, but they also have faster download speeds and more plans to choose from. NetZero's free plan comes with 200MB per month and 10 Mbps. If your Internet needs are simpler, that could be all that you need. If you intend to use the Internet a little more frequently, their Platinum Plus package will offer the same great speeds with an 6GB data limit.

EarthLink 4G

The Best Cheap Wireless Internet ProvidersEarthLink 4G Internet service gives you wireless high-speed Internet access—wherever you go. Its prices and data limited: 500MB ($19.95/mo, 3Mbps) or 1GB ($24.95/mo, 6Mbps).

T-Mobile 4G

The Best Cheap Wireless Internet ProvidersT-Mobile's 4G mobile broadband earns its spot on the best cheap Internet providers list because it offers a huge variety of plans designed to fit all price ranges and some of the fastest speeds you'll find among mobile broadband companies. Its prices and data limited: 1GB($20/mo), 3GB($30), 5GB($40), 7GB($50), 9GB($60), 11GB($70). Unused 4G LTE data into the next month PLUS you'll get up to 10GB 4G LTE data FREE to use first.

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