Shopping Cart Software

By:    Updated: February 23,2017

Online Shopping Cart

Online shopping carts are beneficial tools for E-Commerce websites and help customers organize their orders. An online shopping cart is the virtual equivalent of a real shopping cart. Customers can browse a website and select items which they wish to purchase. They can then place their selections into a shopping cart, which will remember their items. Customers can then choose to buy their items immediately or later on. They can also edit the number of items in the shopping cart. Customers can add as much as they want, and they can store items to reference at a later time.

An online shopping cart is a software application that runs on your web server. You can customize it to match your company's colors, themes, and layout. If you are poor in web designing, you can purchase templates from the professional web designers.

Shopping Cart Software

There are many software programs available for shopping carts. You should conduct some research to determine which would be the best for your business. You can consult your web hosting for recommended options. You could also research other shopping sites to see how they use software. You should select a manageable and high quality program. Examples of Shopping Cart Software include Magento Enterprise Edition, Shopify, X-Cart, and Bigcommerce. Businesses may purchase shopping cart software for a flat fee, or they may choose to pay monthly. You may need to pay installation fees for some programs. Some companies offer promotional rates and free trials, so you can try some programs out before you make a final decision.

Open Source Shopping Cart

The biggest advantage for open source shopping cart is that they are free. The disadvantage is that open source programs have limited options for technical assistance. These programs have the same features as other programs, but they are less easy to use. When they malfunction, you will need to resolve the problem by yourself. In any case, open source shopping cart is great option for technically-savvy merchants. Since they are free, your maintenance costs will be lowered. Popular open source programs include osCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, ZenCart and Magento Community Edition.

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