How to choose the best VPN service provider

By:    Updated: February 8,2017

Selecting the right Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service product for you is important because some VPNs are better than others depending what you want to use it for. The following criteria may help you choose the best VPN service provider:


The cost is an important factor when looking for a virtual private network and nowadays. The VPN providers allow you to between 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or one year subscription terms to their unlimited package.

Ease of Use

The VPN is simple and you don't require much technical knowledge to set it up. After download the program and install, you just only need to make simple configuration and sign in to use it. In other words, using the VPN as simply as possible.


In terms of speed, they offer a very satisfying service. Keep in mind that the speed depends on many different elements, including your computer hardware and network connection. If the speed is not that good in a particular gateway, you can switch to a different one. With the VPN you have many options and switching between gateways is simple.


The VPN provider should allow you to enjoy unlimited traffic, there is no bandwidth monitoring or logging so you can enjoy complete freedom with their service.

Supported Protocols

When using a VPN service, it is important to get the right protocol for your needs. Some VPN services providers only support certain protocols so it is important to know what you are looking for before you make a decision. These protocols include but not limited to OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, IPSEC/L2TP.

Supported OS / Compatibility

A key element to keep in mind when choosing a VPN provider is the compatibility and performance for your Operational System. The best VPN service providers offer clients that support all major OSes including Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

Supported Devices

You need to make sure that you can enjoy secure and anonymous connection with the devices that you normally use. Portable systems are practical and convenient and they have become a crucial part of our lives so it is good to check that your VPN works with them so that you can securely and anonymously surf the Internet. So if the VPN providers can work well with desktop computers, laptops, and any mobile devices (including iPhones, iPads or Android devices) will be a good choice.

Servers Location

Coverage and availability of servers are decisive factors when judging the effectiveness of VPN services. An extensive collection of servers in a large and varied number of locations, offers many advantages including faster speed connection (since you are guaranteed to find a server near you) and access to localized content without restrictions.


Public hotspots represent a risk for your computer as sensitive information such as passwords is transferred without protection. The VPN providers should allow you to transfer your data with a high encryption grade (such as 128-bit SSL encrypted), thus keeping it protected from hackers' attacks. Get a new IP in every connection is also a effective approach, which increases your security and anonymity while using internet.

Money Back

If the VPN providers can offer a 7-14 days money back guarantee will be a good choice. In this case, you have enough time to try out their services and confirm that all the features meet your expectations.

Customer Support

As a customer, it is important that you get the best possible experience and that you are able to get assistance at any time.

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