How to choose a eCommerce Hosting

By:    Updated: February 8,2017

The internet has quickly emerged as one of the best ways to buy and sell products, and that means that a number of web hosting companies have expanded their product offerings to include eCommerce hosting solutions. These unique hosting packages can be found almost everywhere among major web hosting providers, but it can be pretty hard to choose just one host for a company's needs. Indeed, many people new to eCommerce are simply unaware of what they need to know before they select a host. There are a few basic things to consider before purchase to ensure that a web host will be both a great deal and a great asset when selling to customers and handling their transactions efficiently.

Check the Cost of the Plan vs the Company's Budget

Before even looking into eCommerce hosting plans, there's a very important thing to consider: How much of the fledgling company's budget can affordably be dedicated to an online hosting plan? This is pretty essential, as it will help to greatly narrow down the number of companies offering hosting, the types of plans that can be chosen, and the features included with each plan within a given price range.


Before setting out for an eCommerce hosting plan, be sure to understand the price that the business can afford on a monthly basis. Then consider which features are requirements and which are mere luxuries in terms of the monthly price limitation.

Check into Transaction Limits

A large number of eCommerce hosting packages actually offer unlimited transactions to those who are operating commerce websites online. That means that there's no set limit in terms of how many transactions can take place, and there's no dollar amount limit on sales that do occur through the website. This is the ideal situation for those in the market for eCommerce hosting, and it should be considered the best option among web hosts everywhere.


It should be noted, however, that this highly preferably eCommerce hosting option is not universal among web hosting companies. Some companies actually do structure the pricing of their eCommerce hosting plans according to how many transactions a customer can process per month, or how much they can sell -- in currency -- every thirty days. That can be a serious expense and, in some cases, a budget-busting limitation for those participating in online commerce.

Is a Shopping Cart or Merchant Account Included?

Startup eCommerce websites often try to find a web hosting company that offers them the convenience of an integrated shopping cart solution. A large number of those professionals also look for a company where they can create and maintain a merchant account that purchases consumers' credit cards, debit cards, and even electronic checks. If these things are a requirement for a hosting plan, be aware that many companies prefer to outsource shopping carts and merchant accounts to third parties. This might complicate the signup process.


Even so, a large number of eCommerce hosts do offer an integrated, all-in-one commerce solution that will combine a traditional website with product listing templates, a shopping cart, and a merchant account for transaction processing. Pay careful attention to fine print before signing up, and choose only the company that offers the best combination of services for the most affordable monthly rate.

Great Options for Commerce, but Traditional Rules Still Apply

Choosing an eCommerce web host has a number of unique considerations, but those in the market for such a product should remember that great customer support, excellent uptime, and good customer reviews are still the keys to a great host. Even an integrated, unlimited solution, can be brought down by excessive downtime. With the right combination of uptime guarantees, excellent support, and robust commerce tools, it's easy to choose an excellent eCommerce host.

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