Top 2 Best Satellite TV Providers

By:    Updated: February 8,2017

What is Satellite TV

Satellite TV is a broadcasting service which allows subscribers to receive television signals through a dish-shaped receiver unit. These signals are originally uploaded to a communications satellite that is in a fixed orbit above the earth, then electronically scrambled to prevent unauthorized downloading. Those who pay a subscription fee for satellite TV service are issued both the receiving dish and a descrambler. The actual tuning information is fed into the television through a cable, much like earth-bound cable television services.

The best satellite TV providers

Determining the best Satellite TV provider is difficult, many of them offer very similar products and services. Some of them provide access to extensive programming that includes hundreds of HD channels, sports packages, premium channels, pay-per-view, On Demand, and more.


Top 2 Best Satellite TV ProvidersDISH is the premier satellite TV provider who offers both satellite TV and satellite Internet services. DISH is the most affordable satellite TV provider and on average the DISH plans can save you anywhere from $60 to $120 per year over some cable TV providers. DISH comes loaded with features and packages for Sports, Movies, and the latest technology in digital video recording with the DISH HopperTM. DISH even has the little features like Bluetooth integration and a remote control locator that make a big difference in the service and that no other satellite TV provider offers.


Top 2 Best Satellite TV ProvidersDirecTV boasts a full channel lineup including HD programming, On Demand movies and shows, pay-per-view, dynamic mobile viewing capabilities, and a growing selection of 3D content. DIRECTV's exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket makes them a very popular choice among sports fans. With a subscription, DirecTV allows you to choose among several high quality DVRs, including the most advanced option, DirecTV's own Genie receiver.

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