Top 6 Best Online Backup Services

By:    Updated: February 9,2017

Online backup services work much like traditional backup software. With an online backup service, your important data is transmitted over the Internet and securely stored on a server in a professional data center. The following is the best online backup service list:


Best Online Backup ServicesBackblaze is packed full of great features. You can back up any attached external hard drive at no extra charge. There are no limits to file size, or network speeds. They designed Backblaze to be secure, encrypted, and high performance - that's why Backblaze runs natively on your Mac or Windows computer. You can also access your backed up files on your phone with the Backblaze mobile app.


Best Online Backup ServicesCarbonite may be the best-known name in the online storage arena, with its large media presence. And it's a good one, offering automatic & continuous cloud backup, unlimited cloud storage, secure transit and storage, free apps to sync, share and access, and easy restore process.


Best Online Backup ServicesFor a low price, IDrive gets you a whopping 1TB of online storages space for as many computers as you want to back up. Its continuous backup means any edits you perform are saved as versions. IDrive also throws in lots of goodies like local backup, syncing, and continuous backup. Its Web and mobile apps are among the most capable you'll find, too. A free version offers 5GB of storage.

SOS Online Backup

Best Online Backup ServicesSOS Online Backup provides an unlimited amount of online data backup, you're guaranteed to never run out of room. SOS performs unlimited file versioning. This makes it possible for you to revert to an earlier version of a file you've already written over. You can also recover deleted files for an indefinite period of time after they've been trashed.


Best Online Backup ServicesOpenDrive puts you in control of your own personal cloud. Enjoy your memories, movies, and music anytime, anywhere, and from any device. OpenDrive takes the headache out of the cloud by allowing you to easily share, manage, collaborate, and access all ofyour content online. Stay in sync with all of your data and never be without an important file again.


Best Online Backup ServicesDropbox is an online data backup solution that has become synonymous with cloud storage. It has become wildly popular as a file sharing platform for people seeking out a temporary slice of cloud space in which to upload songs, photos or videos they want to share, but it is also a highly capable long-term cloud backup solution.


Other popular online backup services include, but not limited to: Nero BackItUp, Norton Online Backup, Acronis Cloud Backup, ...

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