Top 6 Best Free Online Storage

By:    Updated: February 8,2017

There are many online storage providers provide free storage services for personal. Here I picked out the best free online storage, I hope these can help you.


Best Free Online StorageBox gives you 10 GB secure storage with 250 MB file upload size for free and lets you organize your files into folders in the cloud, just like you would on your desktop. You can share links or entire file folders with others and see when they've been viewed.


Best Free Online StorageDropbox is a secure place to keep photos, documents, and videos that you can access from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can share the files with your social networks as well. Dropbox for free user: 2 GB of space Safe, reliable backup, Access from anywhere, Simple file sharing.

Google Drive

Best Free Online StorageYou have 15 GB of free storage to share across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos. If you use Google Apps at work or school, you have at least 30 GB of storage. While you may have a lot of files and folders in your Google Drive, only items that you've synced or uploaded use storage space. Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides or items shared with you don’t count toward your storage space.

Microsoft OneDrive

Best Free Online StorageMicrosoft OneDrive for free user: 15 GB secure storage, earn an extra 15 GB of storage when you backup your camera roll, refer a friend to OneDrive and both of you will get an extra 500 MB (maximum 5 GB).


Best Free Online StorageOpenDrive provides 5 GB secure place, 100 MB per file, 200 KB/s speed, Unlimited Computer Access, ...


Best Free Online StorageGet 50 GB for free, or sign up for one of our Pro packages and get up to 4 TB of encrypted storage starting at €8.33 per month.

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