Tax Relief

By:    Updated: March 2,2017

Tax relief provides concessions to taxpayers. Also known as tax breaks, they reduce the tax liability or amount of taxes to be paid. Tax relief can be granted for many reasons. Usually they revolve around personal hardships. The reasons why people are not able to pay their taxes vary based on events in their lives or circumstances beyond their control. There are various programs that provide tax relief or that are brought in because of specific events that affect a large geographic area or a group of people. Anyone granted a tax relief created by law or by other means must be able to meet certain requirements of the program either on a financial or social level. Recently, various legislations have been passed that are not tax based, but have been called a relief or a bailout.

How Tax Relief Works

Finding the program for tax relief that fits you is not always obvious, but there are certain events that trigger tax relief programs to get into action. Certain natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and tornados, can be some examples of such events. Usually the declaration of an area as a disaster area begins the process of triggering the programs that will support tax relief. Having lost things of value like a home, business, or job will potentially make you eligible for tax relief.


You do not need to be a victim of a natural disaster to receive tax relief. There are programs for the elderly, disabled and working class people. Other forms of tax relief are also sought professionally through the IRS depending on how you have been handling your tax burdens. Various forms of negotiation with the IRS are possible to settle tax liabilities. Many organizations advertise for such services and some are reputable as well, but you must be careful when you approach or look for assistance in this area.


You can also receive tax relief or tax breaks in the form of tax returns. Even if you have not paid any tax, you may be eligible for tax returns because of these tax relief programs. Tax breaks might also allow you to have more disposable income to spend for education, purchasing a home or investing.


The cost of tax relief programs is born by the government and other taxpayers. Some of these programs are good for the overall economy, but are subject to debate.


Taking advantage of tax relief programs when you need them is a good idea since you can spend that money for some other important purpose. The government may enact other special legislations when required, to support handling of natural disasters or economic conditions that warrant such legislation.


There are various agencies that may help you through your hardships and assist you in identifying applicable tax relief programs.

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