Payday Loans

By:    Updated: December 18,2016

Payday loans are small, short-term loans that require repayment at high interest rates. They are also referred to as paycheck advances or cash advance loans. Generally, these types of loans are available for people who do not qualify for traditional bank loans and who cannot extend their credit limits.


For the most, you should avoid a payday loan if you can. The interest rates for these types of loans are extremely high, and can even double the initial amount borrowed if you cannot repay your debt on time. In any case, you might need a payday loan if you are experiencing a temporary and short-term financial setback. Most payday agencies require borrowers to repay their loans with their next paychecks. In some situations, you might be able to set up a plan to pay back the borrowed amount over a period of several months. Because interest rates are high and loan amounts are small, payday loans are relatively easy to obtain. Even if you have bad credit, you can still apply for a payday loan to help make ends meet. Some lenders do not even require borrowers to have a job.

How Payday Loans Work

Cash advances are short-term loans that can help you meet your basic living expenses until you receive your next paycheck. In general, payday loans are not available for amounts exceeding $1,000, and the borrowed funds will be subject to an extremely high interest rate. You will know this interest rate ahead of time, and you will be able to negotiate your repayment terms accordingly. For the most part, payday loans need to be repaid as soon as you receive your next paycheck. Sometimes, you can repay your payday loans within one month.


In most situations, lenders will require borrowers to prove some sort of income. Even if you have a bad credit history, you can still apply for a loan. Even if you do not have a job, you can probably still apply for a payday loan; however, you might need to repay your debt at an even higher interest rate.


Many online payday loan companies will automatically deduct the payment from your checking account. Once your application is submitted and approved, you will receive a cash advance or a check advance. Your repayment becomes due on your next payday, which is generally not more than two weeks.


Any form of income will secure a payday loan. After you are approved, the lending agency will release funds within 24 hours of the loan application. Quick access to cash will help you settle some of your short term and temporary financial difficulty. You can apply for a loan in person, over the Internet, or by telephone. The application process will take you 20 minutes at most since paperwork is kept to a minimum. No matter what method you choose for your application, your financial information will always be kept private.


Because they are so costly, payday loans are a last resort. You should make every effort to ensure that you have exhausted all possible options. Sometimes, paying a late fee, missing a payment, or negotiating with a creditor is worth it because payday loans are so costly.


Payday loans are not permanent solutions to financial problems. Instead, cash advances should be considered a quick fix. You should not take regular payday loans. They are very expensive and could ultimately cause you to waste your money. It is recommended that you avoid payday loans unless you are experiencing a genuine emergency.

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