Financial Market Research

By:    Updated: March 4,2017

In a business setting, market research refers to the systematic collection, analysis, and reporting of data to provide necessary information for marketing decisions. Advertisers and marketers began to understand the significant of the reports discovered by radio and television sponsorship and began to seek more direct feedback about their markets. With market research, a business will conduct studies to assess consumer preference. Consumer insights allow businesses to make more strategic business decisions.


Consumers should also take the time to think like a market researcher, especially when it comes to investing money. Unlike a business, you do not need to spend hundreds, thousands, or millions of dollars on studies. Instead, you should conduct informal, methodological studies to determine what investment plans are best for you. When conducting financial market research, you should take a step back to assess your goals. Evaluate your short term goals, long term goals, and financial position. Then, decide why you are investing. Are you saving up for a house, car, or college education? Are you just trying to make as much money as you can? Try to define your objectives in the best way that you can.


At this point, you should establish a research question. You could ask, "Would a hedge fund or mutual fund yield a higher profit," or, "Do I minimize risk with a short term or long term investment plan?" You could also ask, "Will I meet my goal on time if I choose this investment strategy?" By outlining your questions, you are in a position to conduct more goal-oriented research. You can conduct your own research to determine what options work best for you. If you find this too difficult, you can work with a financial advisor. Even if you choose to consult help, make sure that you research the financial advisor to make sure that you are getting the best rates. Experts typically watch financial markets and are equipped to make judgment calls and decisions. If you aren't well versed in finance, you could stand to benefit from someone else's expertise and advice. You will be able to better understand how your objectives fit within overall economic conditions.

How it Works

Financial market research is not a systemized or streamlined process. Instead, this guide urges to you informally think like a market researcher to determine how to best accomplish your goals. You begin by identifying your goals and then proceed with methodological questions of how to accomplish those goals. You can conduct this research yourself, hire a financial advisor, or read formal and informal studies.


The greatest benefit is that you will be educated an in a position to make an informed decision. If you have a clear strategy, you will be able to accomplish your goals efficiently in the time frame that you specify. You can also avoid the consequences of risky decisions. Losing money can be terrible, and you need to be educated so that you minimize your losses.


You can purchase guides and studies, or you can conduct research on your own. If you hire an advisor, you may spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can spend as much or as little as you need to develop a strategy to maximize revenues.


Begin your research as soon as you are ready to invest. The timing will depend on your findings. You may realize that you're ready to start investing now, months from now, or years from now.


Companies that provide financial advice include H&R Block, Edward Jones Investments and Merrill Lynch. Advisors have different specialties, to make sure that you understand your needs before you pay someone.

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