Do you need Travel Credit Cards?

By:    Updated: December 26,2016

Credit cards are a widely accepted form of currency. Travel credit cards are designed to appeal to those who travel often on airlines, buses, trains or any other means of transportation where credit is accepted as payment. Travel credit cards allow cardholders to make reservations, make purchase, as well as use them in ATM for cash withdrawal. Business travelers and those who travel for a livelihood can benefit out of these credit cards. You can prefer travel credit cards depending on how much travel you do and use these credit cards to pay during a specific period of time.

How Travel Credit Cards Work

Regarding how travel credit cards work, they are very much similar to major credit cards, but offer more benefits than regular credit cards do. When you use these cards for travel reasons or for any purchase, you earn points. The earned points can be used for purchases through the rewards program.


Travel credit card offers you more benefits than regular credit cards. When you are on a business trip, you can't be roaming to find an ATM. But if you own a travel credit card, it gives you multiple benefits. They are recognized worldwide and are accepted for payment in virtually every place that accepts credit cards. When you use these credit cards for travel reasons, whether for auto maintenance or gas, you will gain multiple points. You can also use the points for the next trip. In addition, travel credit cards offer benefits like return protection, travel accident insurance and assured reservations.


Like the other major credit cards, travel credit cards typically involve paying an annual fee. This fee varies from $30 to $200 a year, and this is based on the type of travel credit card you have. Travel credit cards also include charges incurred for exceeding the credit limit. You will also be charged for paying the due using a check with insufficient funds, and thus it is advised to avoid writing bad checks.


It's you who has to decide whether you need a major travel credit card, depending on your necessities. It would be wise to opt for a credit card if are you are ready to start building a solid credit history.However, some who suggest that the right time to get a credit card is when you are young, as it will help in building credit. When you plan to buy a credit card, make sure that you are ready to be financially accountable.


Most banks and many major financial institutions offer travel credit cards. Travel credit cards are typically issued by major credit card companies that are available around the world. Some companies that offer travel credit cards as one of their financial services include American Express, Discover Card,and Chase.

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