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HTTP Caching
HTTP Caching

A HTTP cache stores cacheable responses in order to reduce the response time and network bandwidth consumption on future, equivalent requests.  >>more

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  • MySQL query cache
    MySQL query cache

    When a query cache hit occurs, the server can simply return the stored results immediately, skipping the parsing, optimization, and execution steps. In this case, MySQL query cache improves performance, but it also adds some overhead for both reads and writes. >>more

  • MySQL query execution flow
    MySQL query execution flow

    If we need to get high performance from your MySQL server, we need to understand MySQL query execution flow. After this, much of query optimization is a matter of reasoning from principles, and query optimization becomes a very logical process. >>more

  • Using MySQL Prepared Statements in PHP
    Using MySQL Prepared Statements in PHP

    Prepared Statements can be thought of as a kind of compiled template for the SQL that an application wants to run, that can be customized using variable parameters. This prepared statement or a parameterized statement is used to execute the same statement repeatedly with high efficiency. >>more

  • MySQL Complex Queries vs Many Simpler Queries
    MySQL Complex Queries vs Many Simpler Queries

    One important query design question is whether it's preferable to break up a complex query into several simpler queries. >>more

  • MySQL Explain and Rows Returned
    MySQL Explain and Rows Returned

    It's useful to think about the number of rows examined when analyzing queries, because you can see how efficiently the queries are finding the data you need. >>more

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