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How to choose a web design company?

Good website design is not just about how your site looks. In fact, the most important elements are often unseen. The best web design companies boost your site's performance by using a well thought out SEO marketing campaign. Even the best looking site will turn off readers if it cannot be easily navigated, especially from mobile devices. You also get more bang for your buck from companies that provide additional service, like designing logos and creating content. The following criteria will help you to choose a web design company:


You can't judge a book by its cover, and a well-designed website can't be spotted simply be looking at its homepage. You have to delve into your site's skeleton to really get a feel for its ability to perform the way you need it to. The best sites use SEO practices as building blocks, not just an afterthought applied to a finished product. Keyword research should be used to build quality content and meta tags, as well as appropriately used images and backlinks.


Online readers want to see your content and they want to see it fast. While loading speed is partially dependent on the user's internet connection, how multimedia is integrated into your site can greatly affect how fast your page loads, especially on mobile devices. If it moves too slowly, readers will likely bounce before even seeing your site's impeccable design, hurting your search engine ranking in the process. The web design company you hire should shy away from using Flash, instead opting for the more current HTML5 and CSS3.


This criterion may include the load speed of desktop and mobile, ...

Website Development User Experience

Your website will not function as it should if the end user isn't your design company's first concern. If a site is flashy to the point of distraction or hard to navigate, your readers will bolt. As you evaluate potential design companies, pay attention to their portfolios. How each individual reacts to a specific site will be different from person to person, but the menus should be easy to find and intuitive to use.


The CMS (such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)used by the company should also be taken into consideration. Sites using these systems are easy to update, even without advanced coding knowledge.This is advantageous if you plan on updating content yourself or decide to keep a blog on your site.


This criterion may include Mobile-Ready, No Flash, SEO Development, User Controlled CMS, Media Upload, Automatic File Backup, Social Media Sharing, RSS Feeds, Sitemap, ...

Custom Services

Many web design companies offer services beyond basic web design. These companies are a one-stop shop for all of your website needs. In addition to improving your site's look with logo design and video production services, some employ teams of copywriters to produce the best possible content for your site. Companies will often also provide marketing services beyond basic site SEO. Design services also frequently offer site hosting and maintenance options. Because these are add-on services, keep in mind that they all come at an addition cost.


This criterion may include Logo Design, Website Hosting and Domain, Copywriting (evaluate your brand and write marketing campaigns and posts for you), Mobile App Design (create a mobile app for your business), eCommerce (may include a shopping cart.), ...

Help & Support

Using a web design company is an important and expensive investment in your business. While these services don't often list pricing information on their sites, they should be easily accessible by phone and email for a low-pressure quote, as well as to address questions and concerns you have during the design process. Some services go above and beyond, providing you with educational resources and information on topics like design process, site maintenance and running your own SEO campaigns.


This criterion may include Maintenance (maintenance services for your website after creation), Training (provide ongoing training on how to manage the CMS), Email and Phone support, ...

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